Elyse (everyday_fire) wrote,

It's always fascinated me how sometimes a "random" thought seems to be a foreshadow to an event that's about to occur. I'll think of it one day and then a day or two later- a manifestation. I recently (sometime within the past 5 days) decided to start jotting these things down when they occured, because things that like interest nerds like me... I already have six instances saved in a text message that I keep forwarding to myself. It's not like they're life-altering occurences, but they have occured, nonetheless.

For instance: I was thinking one day about the disgusting bugs with about a billion legs that I used to see in my room in Main Building and freak out over. I was thinking about how once I was sitting on the floor and one of them raced right by my foot and almost gave me a freaking heart attack... I was thinking about how I'd never seen a bug like that before Wells and hadn't seen any since, thank GOD. Well, wouldn't you know the next day I was cleaning out the shower at work and one of those damn bugs went zooming by my foot and almost gave me a freaking heart attack.

Another instance: Yesterday Pathy and I were driving up to the college camp where the kids were doing team-bonding exercises. As were going up the drive, I was looking at all the trees and remembering this documentary I saw once where a scientest was talking about how some salamanders live their entire lives in the canopy of one tree and how another person was making a digital picture of a Redwood that would take up 5 pages in a Nat Geo centerfold... Today I played a Taboo from my recorded tv list that was supposed to be about people in "strange relationships"... But it actually turned out to be that very same documentary. I watched it twice in a row.

One more: The other day I was trying to figure out if this year would be the 9th or 10th anniversary of 9/11 (seemed VERY random at the time). I had to give myself a mental "wowwww" because it actually took me a minute to figure it out, even though I know what year it happened and what year it is now... The next night Kevin was trying to figure out the same thing and was going between 9 and 10... The other people in the room gave him some shit because of the simple math, but I totally knew where he was coming from.

Like I said... Nothing life-altering, just noteworthy (to me). I wonder... Do I think of it because it's going to happen; does it happen because I think of it; or is it totally coincidental that a few random thoughts out of a billion had a corresponding experience?
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