Elyse (everyday_fire) wrote,

I have several recurring themes in my dreams... I just woke up from the culmination of several of them in one. I was supposed to be going to a class being taught by Carolyn Morales but I couldn't find my shoes, didn't know what book I needed and didn't know if there had been a homework assignment. I was planning to bring every single book on my bookshelf to ensure I at least had the book. Class was supposed to start at 4pm and I just kept watching time go by as I looked for my shoes, tried to find my backpack, tried to think of who I could call to ask about homework, then realized those people would already be in class where they belonged. Again I was thinking I needed to go to "The Office" and get a printout of my schedule. I didn't want to be late to her class, yet I didn't want to miss the opportunity to be around her. I had seen her before class and had a pleasant conversation, so I knew she would think it was weird that I didn't show up to her class. She had a tiny, blond daughter in this dream, maybe like three-years-old. The overall feeling was of me trying to be impressive and failing miserably in every aspect. So... Carolyn Morales dreams, shoe dreams and school dreams independently of each other all leave me feeling unprepared, disorganized, unimpressive, rushed, clueless, etc... you can imagine how they felt all together in the motherload dream.
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